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Green Synergy Cluster is a non-government organization, registered by the law as a legal entity with non-profit purpose The founder members of the Association are legal entities - agencies for energy management on local and regional level, constituted with the financial and methodological assistance of the European Commission. The Green Synergy Cluster is a concentration of interconnected companies and institutions in Plovdiv Region in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies. The primary goal of the cluster is to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs working in this industry. The Green Synergy Cluster comprises both suppliers and providers of green energy services, governmental institutions, research organizations, and NGOs involved in managing and coordinating cluster activities. It is becoming important driver of competitiveness and innovation in the region. The cluster provides, among many other things, access to new contacts and business opportunities. It serves as a mechanism for an exchange of information and experience. It offers the possibility of financial support for joint activities. It undertakes projects and cooperate in R&D, market communication and business development.Green Synergy comprises companies performing energy audits, produces of green energy products and services, Plovdiv University, Technical University, Energy agency of Plovdiv, and Vocational school for electrotechnics and electronics. The group is pulsing with innovative ideas that promise to propel local green energy SMEs to success.Green Synergy Cluster is a member of the NATUREEF European Strategies Cluster Partnership, together with 9 more clusters.

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