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ETV4INNOVATION e-training course structure

ETV4INNOVATION Training course structure

The Erasmus Plus ETV4INNOVATION project is reaching its final stage soon. It will support the development and the implementation of an Innovative practice and a new training path in the field of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV). It will comprise a Joint Curriculum, didactic materials and a collaborative platform in line with the identified needs of the different target users. The training materials will also include videos and interactive infographics apart from presentations. The course will be open and free available in December 2019, and will constitute a highly benefit tool for the SMEs and any interested people on how to verify its innovative eco-technologies in the industry sector.

Taking into account the results obtained in the report “Current needs and skills required towards Environmental Technology Verification”, partners have established the preliminary Joint Curriculum where the structure of the course is defined in three training modules.

The Joint Curriculum must be validated through a series of surveys by stakeholders of different technological sectors to ensure that it meets the expectations and needs the project intends to cover.

The course will be structured in the following 3 modules:

  1. Module 1: Basic aspects of verification of environmental technology
  2. Module 2. Environmental Technology Verification procedure
  3. Module 3. The ETV programme as a commercial tool on domestic and international markets

Each single module will have the following structure:

ETV4INNOVATION Training course structure


ETV4INNOVATION Training course structure