Green Synergy cluster during the 15th SEE EE&RES exhibition

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2nd MAKING CITY project meeting and study visits to PED areas in Groningen
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Green Synergy cluster during the 15th SEE EE&RES exhibition


Green Synergy Cluster took part within the 15th South-East Europe Energy Efficiency and Renewable exhibition, Save the Planet exhibition and Smart Cities, held in Sofia between 16-18th April, 2019. The event was a good opportunity to disseminate information about the Environmental Technology Verification process and ETV4INNOVATION project, as there were over 110 exhibitors and over 3400 international visitors, including managers from the Ecology sector, recycling and waste management sector, the energy and renewables field, etc.

The ETV4INNOVATION project was disseminated among companies dealing with:

  • production of flexible fabric made from 100% recycled PET bottles;
  • shredders and granulators that reduce energy consumption by up to 30%;
  • machines for processing and recycling of construction waste ;
  • bio-waste treatment and energy recovery equipment;
  • technology for energy recovery of non-recyclable waste, etc.