Green Synergy Cluster participated in TCI European Conference 2018 in Sofia

TRACE-KEI project was presented at the international cluster conference TCI European conference in Sofia
The second ETV4INNOVATION consortium meeting took place in Poznan
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Green Synergy Cluster participated in TCI European Conference 2018 in Sofia


reen Synergy Cluster welcomed the TRACE-KEI project partners on Bulgarian land for joint participation in the international conference TCI EU 2018.

The conference took place on 20-22 March in Sofia and was aimed at fostering the exchange of knowledge and information between practitioners of clusters and regions within the framework of international cooperation.

Cluster managers from DARE  (Italy), Innoskart (Hungary), Madan Parque (Portugal), Agrofood cluster (Romania) Green Synergy Cluster (Bulgaria) and Cluster for Energy efficiency (Serbia) were Ambassadors of Cluster Excellence practices.

The conference was held on 20-22 March in Sofia with main aim to encourage the exchange of knowledge and information among cluster practitioners and regions in the scope of international co-operation. It was a great opportunity to promote the project results outside the partners’ area and spread information about Cluster Excellence. Delegates from more than 25 countries participated in the conference and TRACE-KEI Ambassadors had the task to identify clusters from area outside the project countries (Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Germany, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria), to meet them and to present the project, to exchange experience in clustering and to discuss further possibilities for common actions.

To fulfil its mission, Cluster Green Synergy met with clusters from Russia and Turkey.

The Russian Cluster – Technounity Zelenograd represents companies in the Moscow region working in the field of innovative technologies. The cluster brings together educational and scientific institutions and enterprises in the fields of nanotechnology, industrial equipment, microelectronics, medical equipment, ICT security and energy and energy efficiency.

The Turkish cluster OSTIM is positioned in Ankara area and gathers companies in the field of clean energy, power suppliers, industrial equipment, rubber, plastics, and more.

During the second day of the conference, in the “Successful projects” panel TRACE-KEI was presented by the coordinator of the project Mrs Francesca Volpe from Italian cluster DARE.