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Enercon performs energy audits of SMEs and industrial systems, manufacturing installations, buildings and infrastructures – administrative, public, residential and issuing of energy passports and energy certificates.
Energy Agency of Plovdiv
Founded in 2000 under the Save II program of the European Commission, the Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP), Bulgaria, is devoted to promoting the efficient and sustainable use of energy and to expanding the use of renewable energy.In pursuing its agenda, EAP carries out feasibility studies, energy analyses, and energy project identification, development and management. Its priorities include: energy efficiency in buildings, EE and RES in SMEs, the development of sustainable energy communities and SEAPs within the EC’s Covenant of Mayors initiative, and energy/environmental education. Its services are utilised by governmental entities, the business community and consumers.EAP has honed its expertise through developing and managing more than 30 RES and EE energy projects in partnership with national and international organisations. The work of EAP is based on a quality management system and a code of ethics signed by the staff, management board and associated experts. EAP is a member of the European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies (FEDARENE), and is a founder of the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA). It is also a member of the European Network of Energy Research (ENER).
Eco Energy Ltd is a company mainly working in the production field of energy from renewable energies.
Technical University Plovdiv
The Plovdiv Branch was established in 1986 as an affiliated unit to the Technical University - Sofia. It became an independent legal entity by Decision No: 30 of 13 June 1990 of the Council of Ministers. The structure of TU-Sofia, Plovdiv Branch includes now two faculties: Faculty of Electronics and Automation and Faculty of Mechanical and Instrument Engineering on the basis of Decrees of the Council of Ministers and Decisions of the Academic Council. The Branch as such is an affiliated structure of Technical University - Sofia, providing training in Bachelor's, Master's and Doctor's degree courses affirmed by the Council of Ministers.The Branch has contemporary facilities including modern lecture halls and laboratories, an up-to-date library with over 100000 volumes of educational and specialized technical literature.
Heliodom Ltd.
Heliodom is an engineering designing company doing consulting, installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, heat pipe systems and mechanical rooms. The company prepares documents for integration of new and exiting buildings to the district heating system of Plovdiv, energy auditions, energy passports, re-engineerging and etc.
Plovdiv University "Paisii Hiledarski"
The University of Plovdiv is leading cultural, educational and science institution in Republic of Bulgaria. It is the largest university in South Bulgaria and the second largest in the country. There are nine faculties: Biology, Philosophy and History, Languages and Literature, Physics and Engineering technologies, Mathematics, Informatics and Information Technologies, Chemistry, Economics and Social Science, Education, Law and an independent Department for Scientific Research.Department for Scientific Research (NPD) is an independent branch, attending the scientific-research activity at the University. NPD carries out the contacts and realization of the University scientific achievements with the economic practice, also attends and administrates the collaborated national and foreign scientific programmes.
Install Engineering
INSTALL ENGINEERING is a dynamically developing company, whose main business activity is the production of pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating, cooling, as well as conveyance of steam, mineral and potable water and other fluids. The company is also specialized in the design and installation of underground and above-ground pipelines and systems, heat and cold insulations for air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems.The company produces polypropylene (PPR) and glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene (PPR-GF) pipes for conveyance of hot water, as well as high pressure pipes from high density polyethylene (HDPE) for potable water with diameters up to 630 mm.The company is also working with all district heating companies in Bulgaria in the country’s biggest cities – Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, etc. Install Engineering keeps close partnership with many building and installation companies.The company produced, delivered and installed more than 350 000 m. of pre-insulated pipes and over 100 000 m2 of heating insulations for heat exchangers, fittings, heating stations, walls, containers in the food industry and for polyurethane panel-based air conditioning.
Jterm is an official distributor in Bulgaria of "THERMOKOZ" - Turkey which are manufacturing high quality of boilers burning pellets, wood chips, eco briquettes. Jterm are offering a large range of capacities from 14 to 1160 kW. As an additional service Jterm provides consultations and installations. Jterm has completed over 50 biomass projects in different cities in Bulgaria.
Multitherm is on the market for over 15 years and has been successfully established thanks to the higly qualified engineers, the technical personnel and the excellent installation group.Multitherm is a company that designs and implements various RES projects in Bulgaria. Among their services are sales and installation of:$1o Solar thermal collectors and systems, - Water underfloor heating - Pyrolysis and pellets boilers - Pellets fireplaces - Natural gas infrared heaters, appliances and air curtains - Wind turbines
KEO-ZENIT has know-how in the field of investment projects in energy efficiency and energy passports of buildings, calculation of energy performance and energy classes. The company is making energy efficiency inspections of boilers and air conditioning systems, optimization of energy consumptions and costs and other energy related consultings.
The Professional School of Electrical Engineering and Еlectronics in Plovdiv is a leading state high school in the region of Plovdiv. It provides high-quality vocational training and education for young people in the area. The school prepares future professionals in the field of Electro-technical Industry, Information Technology and Electronics.The scool has been providing qualified specialists for 50 years. The professional training meets all the requirements of state standards for high education.