2nd MAKING CITY project meeting and study visits to PED areas in Groningen
Green Synergy hosted the 4th ETV4INNOVATION project meeting
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A Positive Energy District tour in GRONINGEN


During the second Making City project meeting, the MAKING-CITY partners had the chance to visit Groningen South and Groningen North, the two PED areas involved in the project.

Closed to the Groningen University campus, Groningen North is mainly a residential neighbourhood. Partners observed pipelines installations connected to the geothermal district heating system and a student building retrofitted to maximise the infrastructure performance.

In Groningen South, the MAKING-CITY partners visited the Mediacentrale building which is an old coal gasification plant renovated according to the PED approach with a geothermal heatpump among others. They also entered into a new sports complex designed and built to be a smart and energy positive installation: wind, rain and sun detection systems, room controllers, thermal solar panels… In addition, they accessed the installations of the district heat grid system (managed by Warmtestad) and biked until the Woldjerspoor solarpark. With its 43,000 solar panels, the solar plant provides 11,4 MW of power to 3,500 houses. It is also the largest solar power station on a former waste disposal site in the Netherlands.