ETV4INNOVATION Training course structure
ETV4INNOVATION e-training course structure
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The ETV4INNOVATION e-learning platform

ETV4innovation platform

The ETV4INNOVATION E-learning platform is already created and will be fully available in begining of 2020.

ETV4INNOVATION is part of a global endeavour to provide companies that develop eco-technologies with an efficient and successful access to Environmental Technology Verification. ETV4INNOVATION aims to design and develop Joint Curricula for filling gaps in relation with ETV for current and future managers and workers in technological sectors as materials wastes and resources; energy technologies.

More specifically, ETV4INNOVATION has develop an open-access e-Learning modules aiming to help eco-technology developers gain an in-depth understanding of the ETV scheme, thus providing them with knowledge and resources to facilitate the procedure of obtaining ETV verification statements for the eco-technologies they market.

The ETV4INNOVATION course is consistsed of 3 different modules with different lessons and tests that must be overcome in order to progress in it and hence to achieve a global overview of  the Environmental Technology Verification procedure (ETV). In addition, each of the modules has additional content in English for those who want to deepen the concepts and contents to study.

The course includes the following modules:

  1. Basic aspects of verification of environmental technology
  2. The ETV program as a commercial tool on domestic and international markets
  3. Environmental Technology Verification procedure

Find the platform hereL


ETV4innovation platform