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Green Synergy Cluster(GSC) is a non-government organization registered by the law as a legal entity with non-profit purpose. It concentrates companies, research entities and institutions working and promoting smart cities, nearly zero energy buildings (nZEBs), sustainable energy planning, energy efficiency and energy savings, renewable energies, natural resource efficiency, circular economy and eco innovations. The Green Synergy Cluster comprises both suppliers and providers of green energy solutions and services, research organizations, and NGOs. The primary goal of the cluster is to enhance the competitiveness of SMEs working in this industry through facilitatation, development and implementation of innovative and R&D projects in the sustainable energy field.

Green Synergy Cluster is a member of the NATUREEF European Strategies Cluster Partnership.

Among many other things the cluster: • provides access to new contacts and business opportunities in the energy field; • encourages innovation activities • facilitates start-ups • encourages R&D among cluster members; • provides information on latest “green” technologies and innovations; • developes ideas for innovative projects & joint projects; • searches for suitable project partners and project implementations; • participates in study visits; • provides information for available business events, business missions and funding opportunities; • participates in regional energy conferences and fairs; • organizes C2C & B2B events with other parties; • facilitates collaboration between members and exchange of information and experience..



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